MELT™ Method…What you need to know

4 Nov

Melt Method

When I first heard of MELT™ Method, it sounded like some fad workout that leaves you completely drenched, exhausted, and hobbling instead of walking.   Well, boy was I completely wrong.  Here’s a little insight from our resident MELTer, Karden Rabin.  Both he, and Sarah G at our studio can help you MELT down.  Listen carefully, […]

Live Streaming Classes at Your Fingertips

29 Oct

We are starting slowly with this process.  But the big news is that we have an online studio where you can take our Pilates Mat Classes from the comfort of your home, or hotel room, or wherever you might be.  We’d like to add Yoga, Stretching Classes, anything is possible (except Gyrokinesis –  that won’t […]

We are fam-i-ly

16 Jul

Every Wednesday, I host a meeting with the Pilates instructors so I can be available for them, or at least that was the reason for starting them.  Those Wednesday meetings have really begun to grow on me.   We review all types of stuff during these meetings, and I address everything and anything the instructors […]

Giving Back Never Felt So Good

22 Mar

So, some of you may remember taking lessons at the studio with Rebecca Williams.  She is one warm, vibrant lady.  And she still is vibrant, despite what she and her family has gone through and is going through.  Without getting into too much detail, because you can read way more here, Rebecca’s second son Joey […]

Winter Bootcamp

30 Dec

For those of you who come 1x/week, or less than that…for those of you who wish you could try some classes at a discount…for those of you who have never done a Private lesson… now’s your chance!!!  Check this out, and seriously consider it.  Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise are practices… you have to give your […]

2013 Marks 10 Years in Business! Reflections on our journey…

29 Jun

I can’t believe the studio was born ten years ago….. what started as me teaching roughly 12 hour days in a teeny, tiny little studio shared with a Botox joint (seriously), has now grown to about 3,500 square feet worth of movement bliss!  As I reflect on how many positive things ten years means, I […]

Spotlight: The Pilates Wunda Chair

25 Dec

Every time I teach a Pilates mat class, I notice people’s eyes wandering over at the part of the studio that houses the apparatus.  I know you’re curious about it, and yes, I know that the two Beginner-level classes a week that we offer on the apparatus may not mesh with your schedule (we offer […]

The 4-1-1 on GYROTONIC (R) exercise.

29 May

The 4-1-1 on GYROTONIC (R) exercise.

Okay, I know….. the name is hard to pronounce (Is it something for Geriatrics?  Did you say “Gin-and-Tonic?”  Is that like a gyroscope?).  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  But hey,  the word “Pilates” has evolved to become well-known, so I know the same thing will happen with “GYROTONIC® exercise.”  We are the only fully-equipped studio in the […]

restore, refresh, replenish

10 Feb

Simply put, this is about making your Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Ashtanga Yoga, “Open Barre,” or Nia workout your one hour to restore, refresh, and replenish your entire self. The time spent at the studio should make you leave feeling really good about what you just did.  Maybe you leave with a fresh (perhaps more optimistic) […]

There’s Way More to Pilates Than the Mat!

15 Jan

There’s Way More to Pilates Than the Mat!

For many, many years, I did not offer “mat classes.”  In fact, 2011, my 8th year of in business, was the first year I offered a “mat” class at the studio, rather than an apparatus-based class.  Might sound surprising to all of you, but there’s such good reason why…. read on. Classical Mat exercises are […]