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Knee Pain — A Couple Practical Tips

20 Jul

Knee Pain Tips

As a physical therapist who teaches Pilates and Gyrotonic® exercise full time, I have learned quite a bit from observing how my clients’ bodies respond to my work. There are a couple “golden nuggets” that I’ve acquired over the years. These “nuggets” are morsels of information that I find so practical and invaluable, I’d like […]

MELT™ Method…What you need to know

4 Nov

Melt Method

When I first heard of MELT™ Method, it sounded like some fad workout that leaves you completely drenched, exhausted, and hobbling instead of walking.   Well, boy was I completely wrong.  Here’s a little insight from our resident MELTer, Karden Rabin.  Both he, and Sarah G at our studio can help you MELT down.  Listen carefully, […]

The 4-1-1 on GYROTONIC (R) exercise.

29 May

The 4-1-1 on GYROTONIC (R) exercise.

Okay, I know….. the name is hard to pronounce (Is it something for Geriatrics?  Did you say “Gin-and-Tonic?”  Is that like a gyroscope?).  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  But hey,  the word “Pilates” has evolved to become well-known, so I know the same thing will happen with “GYROTONIC® exercise.”  We are the only fully-equipped studio in the […]