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Knee Pain — A Couple Practical Tips

20 Jul

Knee Pain Tips

As a physical therapist who teaches Pilates and Gyrotonic® exercise full time, I have learned quite a bit from observing how my clients’ bodies respond to my work. There are a couple “golden nuggets” that I’ve acquired over the years. These “nuggets” are morsels of information that I find so practical and invaluable, I’d like […]

Spotlight: The Pilates Wunda Chair

25 Dec

Every time I teach a Pilates mat class, I notice people’s eyes wandering over at the part of the studio that houses the apparatus.  I know you’re curious about it, and yes, I know that the two Beginner-level classes a week that we offer on the apparatus may not mesh with your schedule (we offer […]

restore, refresh, replenish

10 Feb

Simply put, this is about making your Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Ashtanga Yoga, “Open Barre,” or Nia workout your one hour to restore, refresh, and replenish your entire self. The time spent at the studio should make you leave feeling really good about what you just did.  Maybe you leave with a fresh (perhaps more optimistic) […]

There’s Way More to Pilates Than the Mat!

15 Jan

There’s Way More to Pilates Than the Mat!

For many, many years, I did not offer “mat classes.”  In fact, 2011, my 8th year of in business, was the first year I offered a “mat” class at the studio, rather than an apparatus-based class.  Might sound surprising to all of you, but there’s such good reason why…. read on. Classical Mat exercises are […]

What to Expect From Your First Pilates Session?

2 Jan

As the owner of the studio, I usually see all new clients for their first session, whether you are starting with a private Pilates session by appointment, or whether you are starting in our Beginner Pilates Class at 6:10pm on Tuesdays. I always tell new clients:  “You will know by the end of your first […]