Giving Back Never Felt So Good

22 Mar

So, some of you may remember taking lessons at the studio with Rebecca Williams.  She is one warm, vibrant lady.  And she still is vibrant, despite what she and her family has gone through and is going through.  Without getting into too much detail, because you can read way more here, Rebecca’s second son Joey was born with a special heart that has required detailed medical attention and surgery….I mean surgeries.

We held a fundraiser for Rebecca and her family on Sunday, March 16th, 2014, the week Joey turned 1.  Did I mention he wasn’t expected to live outside the womb?  Yeah, this little fighter is making it, and he’s got a LOT of love around him.

This post is just a THANK YOU for those who came in last Sunday to support Joey – we raised over $3,000 in about 3.5 hours!!!  In response to what we raised, I was smiling from ear to ear on the outside, and fluttering with excitement on the inside for a good couple days – I just couldn’t believe it.  And I still can’t.

Just in case….here’s way more that you should check out:  a movie, and a donation site.  Sunday was true love all around – the studio was buzzing, people were having fun, our guest of honor made an appearance, and it was so wonderful to have Rebecca back in the studio again.  XOXO

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