MELT™ Method…What you need to know

4 Nov

When I first heard of MELT™ Method, it sounded like some fad workout that leaves you completely drenched, exhausted, and hobbling instead of walking.   Well, boy was I completely wrong.  Here’s a little insight from our resident MELTer, Karden Rabin.  Both he, and Sarah G at our studio can help you MELT down.  Listen carefully, and try this stuff the first chance you get.  I promise your body will feel awake.

“MELT is a method for undoing all of the wear and tear that your body accumulates as a result of being alive (working, exercising, stressing, laundry etc…). At the end of a MELT session, be it private or in a group setting, you will feel a profound experience of both physical and emotional relaxation as well as a significant reduction in aches and pain.

Melt MethodFor most healthy people, those who eat and exercise responsibly, there remains a level of stress and body discomfort that they can’t seem to shake. This is because most people do not skillfully apply a method (like diet to food, and exercise to fitness) for maintaining a relaxed and stress free body. In the absence of this, the body accumulates stress and dysfunction as a result of daily activities.  With no outlet, that stress leads to chronic pain, fatigue and injury. In modern terminology, what your healthy lifestyles is missing is proper recovery.

The MELT Method is the premier recovery system and is they key to a properly balanced wellness routine. MELT utilizes specially designed foam rollers and balls along with an ingenious methodology for releasing stress and resolving areas of chronic pain. When this happens, the body feels good, has more freedom and more energy. For you, this translates into renewed vigor in all aspects of your life. Best of all, the techniques are intended to be learned and practiced at home, so you can maintain the benefits of MELT day after day.”

MELT was started by a physical therapist (who happens to originate from the Capital District!) and has been featured on Dr. Oz.



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