We are fam-i-ly

16 Jul

elephant1Every Wednesday, I host a meeting with the Pilates instructors so I can be available for them, or at least that was the reason for starting them.  Those Wednesday meetings have really begun to grow on me.   We review all types of stuff during these meetings, and I address everything and anything the instructors want to learn about. The meetings have been so much more fun and rewarding and inspiring than I ever imagined.  They have made me remember what it was like when I first started teaching.  Wondering why certain clients weren’t “getting it.”  Wondering how to help someone “feel” the exercise the way I feel it.  Struggling with what to say, trying to figure out where to push on them and how hard to pull on them.  We, as teachers,  start incorporating all those elements, and it kind of turns into a well-choreographed dance with enough experience.  But until that point, it’s hard not to doubt yourself and question what you’re doing as a teacher.  So the main event with these Wednesday meetings has evolved from my simply being available, to helping the teachers gain confidence in everything they’re doing.  I give them ideas of what to say and how to say it.  We talk about the order in which the exercises should be presented, and my rationale behind all that.  Because, after all, it is my job to make sure each and every one of the teachers on staff has a calm, confident way about their teaching while at the same time carrying enough authority to make you sweat.  

elephant2In the pictures you see, we were reviewing how to help a client position their back during the exercise Elephant on the Reformer.  We talked about how much pressure you need under your fingertips to have someone’s brain understand what you’re asking them to do.  And you’re not just pushing straight down, it’s kind of on an angle up towards the head.  Push harder, more, NOW you’re talking!  At the same time, you’ve got to cue their chest lifting.  It was SO cool to see the instructors understand how to help someone with that exercise.  

So, that’s a glimpse of the
 family we’ve got going on at The “Principle”.  I got all my sisters with me (and two brothers  : )  Yep, pretty cool…



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